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Biofeedback Computer Technologies

Our high tech instruments can help the brain and body re-learn habits, with or without therapy. This can be a way to set clients free, and effectively improve:

Chronic Pain
... and more!

JFS Israel is your first stop for prime mental health services, in English, while you are in Israel.

Our staff can help you whether you live here, or are visiting relatives here, or are just enjoying a tourist experience through Israel. We offer emergency services, and ongoing care for a variety of needs.

Each of our clinicians is a native English speaker. To step into our office is to taste JFS agencies throughout North America -- caring, available, flexible in fees, and completely committed to excellence in reaching and assisting Jewish families in Israel.


  • Transitions go easier and more successfully, with competent and available support. JFS assists many newcomers in finding solid footing in Israel..
  • The brain is a voracious "eater" of nutrients that are abundant in some foods, while woefully lacking in other foods. JFS helps clients learn what to eat for maximal performance!.
  • Our peace of mind directly creates our opportunities for the future. JFS clinicians bring calm and positive experience back into daily life..
  • Therapy is based upon trust and respect, as well as good training and solid clinical approaches. JFS staff is warm, seasoned, and at the top of their respective professions..
  • The Mind-Body connection has long been touted in the modern western world as a factor worth including in therapy services. Neurofeedback in the JFS Brain Studio allows a client to literally see this connection at work -- and to build it!.
  • People avoid getting help for two reasons -- one, the expense, and two, the difficulty of finding a good professional. At JFS we overcome both factors, with a Fair Share Fee Schedule and with a full team of amazing clinical staff from which to select good matches with clients.

  • Sadness Hurts... Therapy Helps

    Our Services Include

  • Psychiatry
  • Social Work
  • Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Groups, Classes, and Clinics, and Community Assistance
  • Brain Studio for Neurofeedback to Target ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Emotional Self Regulation

  • An Asset to Anglo Families in Israel, JFS Israel is Your Agency!
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